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getting a little sick of activities by the body mod community that seriously hold us back in the public eye. Just like the few PhDs that have neck tattoos do not compensate for the mug shots with neck tattoos, a few hipster dumbasses wearing swastikas do not compensate for the extreme negative impressions most Westerners have for swastikas. Yes, I know, it’s an ancient symbol, used by a very unpopular regime- that doesn’t diminish the fact that it IS the de facto symbol for hate. The body mod community is just now starting to have a modicum of respectability…it diminishes our collective credibility wearing them, no matter how fancy they are.

Fucking glad to hear someone prominent in the community finally say it. Thank you. THANK YOU. I felt so fucking alone in this.

But the swastika is inlaid into our very society, not just the body mod community, there’s a town near me called box hill and you can see it on nearly every single building, you can find it all over architecture in London, you can find it many restaurants all over Melbourne in Australia.
Fuck, it’s even on the drinking cups at hungry jacks.
This isn’t a body mod thing, this is a general life thing.

There are light poles here in SD that alternate lotus flowers and swastikas. And it’s sayagata.

I agree that it’s a general life thing as well. 

But, as an Indian person, it’s generally seen as more acceptable for me to use. Makes me kind of sad, really. There are so many people that do not know that the swastika is an ancient cultural symbol that has been used for thousands of years…around the world. It’s not strictly a Hindu symbol. It was once seen as a beautiful thing, a symbol of light, a symbol of luck. I’ve traveled around the world, lived in different countries, and have seen the swastika in use in many different ways. There’s swastika patterns on buildings in Mexico City that are hundreds of years old.

Native Americans, particularly Navajo and Hopi peoples, have been using the swastika for hundreds of years, hell, it dates back to the ancient Egyptians. It’s been used in the air force, ancient greek architecture, hockey teams, the boy scouts, poker chips, playing cards, etc. 

The man who really put the whole reclaim the swastika movement together, was a man of Jewish descent. 

"Of course, my mum was a Polish immigrant and her sister and baby were put into Auschwitz at one point, so I grew up with all the usual prejudices against the swastika because of what it represented to us during the war." http://www.vice.com/read/manwoman-is-taking-back-the-swastika

I don’t really have a stance on this topic to be honest. I don’t own or wear this symbol personally and Its not my place to tell others how they shall adorn themselves or what personal crusades they should or shouldn’t follow, but it does make me think.

It makes me wonder if this means Pangea Piercing will stop carrying jewelry from “hipster dumbass” companies who use such a symbol in their artwork. I mean, if you buy their jewelry, regardless if the symbol is present… it still supports them, no?

Hell, I look forward to seeing J.C. walk around the expo floor and actually call out each vendor. I know it won’t happen… but I think the interactions would be interesting to watch.

Jimmy Buddha here. First of all “Hipster Dumb ass” really means nothing to me…..it has become the catch all for grouping people into a category that someone generally doesn’t like and feels superior to……another lame way to categorize people really. Secondly Fuck the Public Eye!!! Come on JC you haven’t turned into a Hipster Dumb ass have you? :) I gotta say dude you are coming off like a “small town bigot” (my way to feel superior) in your comment here. There are some pretty righteous motherfuckers out there rocking the Swastika…..not to mention over a Billion Indians, 1.3 Billion Chinese and another 2 Billion random Asians….all Hipster Dumb Asses? Ancient Symbol??? WTF the Swastika is alive and well all over the world…..fuck the haters they don’t know shit…..the Western World view is NOT the only one……it’s a big fucking world out here…..come check it out. Expect to see some fucking bad ass Swastika jewelry by Diablo Organics in Vegas this year kids….in Fact they will be entered in the Jewelry Innovators contest…..Vote for us!!!! ;) And JC love the work you’re doing man!! Keep up the good fight….much love. And fuck I almost forgot!!!! My logo is a Swastika..Hahaha!!!